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When are we going to wake the f**k up?

When are we going to wake the f**k up?

(Warning – I’m going to swear and rant)

While we are busy arguing about standing or kneeling for a flag, people are dying

While we focus our energy on debating who can love whom, people are dying

While we hold on tightly to our way – while we hold on So. Damn. Tightly.

People are dying.

While we worry about who wears what clothing, what way, people are dying.

While we continue to separate us and them in any way at all, people will die. Needlessly. Violently.

We have a choice to make. We can chose mass shootings, hate, abuse, pain and more suffering. We can chose to obliterate life. Yes we can. We can stand up for OUR WAY. Wave our flag and claim our way. Yes. Us and ours. Our way. Carry on living, blindly and in fear.


Or, we can get quiet, tell our brains and all we think we know to stop for a moment, then tune-in with our hearts, let all the love that lives in there overflow and pour out. We can stop this business of holding on because when we truly allow real love to flow, there is no holding on.

We’re free to chose a new way. Love. All love for everyone everywhere including ourselves. Unconditional love and I don’t say that lightly. All love for all people and all beings on this planet, our one and only home.

We’re all here together in this world, we’d better hurry up and find a way to get along. Find a way to respect and honour what is. 

The choice is ours now.

For fuck’s sake it doesn’t matter if we love women or men or both; it doesn’t matter if skin is black orange or purple; the value of a life doesn’t depend on what side of the tracks or the world we think we come from. WHEN ARE GOING TO WAKE THE FUCK UP?

light thru forest.jpg

When I communicate with animals and trees, the space of that communication is so beautiful it reaches deep into my soul. It softens my edges and calms me in ways I have never felt before. It’s exquisite. My heart is wide open. The trees and animals have taught me to see. They know what humans are doing, the mess we’re making of everything. They know. They're asking us to wake up.

I talk to a mother whale and as I do I’m embarrassed to represent humans. The humans who are fucking up her world, the humans who are taking all her food so her family slowly starves, the humans who are responsible for her son’s death. Despite this SHE soothes ME! She reaches out to me with a loving tenderness so deep it brings tears to my eyes and catches my breath in my throat. I cry as the depth of her love fills me up. This is love. This is how love feels when it’s true and free and open. No conditions.

LOVE. Let's spread love all around us, as far reaching as we can, always every single day and then the next and the next. Openly. Freely. With abandon and arms wide open. Beam love all over the place!


We will know we’re getting it when our heart fills-up and overflows. We will know because the joy in that space will lift all of us up. It will connect us and expand us with a feeling of freedom and giddy-ecstatic lightness of being. 

We will know when together we expand.

We need to drop-kick all the other shit to the curb. Send it all out. All the things we think we know about gender and race and language and nationality and us versus them. We have to accept to learn new ways.

And then we say YES! Shout yes! Dance yes! Reach out, hold hands, kiss someone, laugh with someone, inspire someone, help someone up, hug someone, tell someone "I see you", smile at someone, ask someone what they need, invite someone for coffee, bake someone a cake just because, listen, lean in. Not just the someones we're used to. Let's go find other someones, the ones we're not used to, the ones who don't look exactly like us or love exactly like us.

Let's soften our edges, find the space where light and grace meet. Let's rise up and love with arms wide open. 

And do it now. Fuck.

Love Truly Does Win

Love Truly Does Win

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