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How Do I Know What I Receive Is Accurate?

How Do I Know What I Receive Is Accurate?

How do I know what I’m receiving is accurate?

People often ask me this question. How do you know it’s not just your own thoughts? How do you know you’re not making it up?

Intuitive communication doesn’t operate the same way as human verbal communication. It’s not sequential. There’s no specific syntax. Information comes in as words, feelings, images, sounds, sensations, and ‘knowings’. Intuitive communication often comes in all at once as a complete thought or message. It happens at a speed we couldn’t keep up to in verbal conversation.

This kind of communication is also very often surprising. I regularly hear myself saying “I could not have made that up if I tried!” Receiving a sharp toothache is a good  example of that.


One dog told me she didn’t like where her bed was and she wanted it moved to another location in the living room. She showed me the exact place she wanted it, at the front of the sofa. When I asked her person about this, she said the dog had not been using her bed. So she moved the bed to the front of the sofa and the dog started snuggling up in the bed again.

In my animal communications I ask the animal for something I can verify with his/her person. I ask her to show me a favourite toy or something she loves to do.

A little dog showed me a perspective from under a table. It was a round wood table with wood chairs in the corner of a room with a tiled floor. He showed me the room’s perspective from under the table. I could see what looked like kitchen cupboards. When I checked with the dog’s person she said he spends a lot of time under the kitchen table which is in the corner of the room. I had described it all accurately.

Another way to verify the communication is when the animal’s behaviour changes after a communication. I communicated with a dog who told me she didn’t like the hallway in her apartment building. She didn’t want to walk through it. She said someone died there. I felt a little weird relaying this to her person. ‘Bella says she doesn’t like walking through the hallway because someone died there.” Her person told me she had to carry her dog in the hallway! Bella refused to walk. I couldn’t verify if someone had died in the hall, but the behaviour checked out.

We decided that the woman would smudge the hallway and hang a cedar bough on her door. I explained to Bella that we were making the hallway safe for her by doing this and sure enough, she began walking on her own in the hall after that.

Marta Williams, an American animal communicator, has written at length about verification and accuracy. In her book “Learning Their Language, Intuitive Communication with Animals and Nature” She explains her process of verification based on her background as a scientist. Marta likes to analyze the data. She researches quantum physics to understand energy communication. She cites the work of quantum physicists and the results of their studies that allow physicists to

“postulate that all matter is conscious, aware, and in communication with all other matter at all times.”


Scientists now speak of “quantum interconnectedness.” We now know that everything in the entire world is made up of exactly the same energy. Einstein said it and it’s taken us this long to figure out what the heck he was talking about.

I’ve had the opportunity to learn from wonderful energy workers – either in live workshops and certification courses or in teleconferences and webinars, or through their books - Marta Williams, Rose De Dan, Lindsay Rose, Sandra Ingerman, and Georgina Cyr to name a few. We all share similar experiences with our communications.

The animals of course, continue to be my wonderful and willing teachers. How do I know what I'm receiving is accurate? They tell me ;) 

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