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 A Feel Good Thing You Can Do…

 A Feel Good Thing You Can Do…

That makes a difference.

With all the troubling events going on in the world it’s easy to get stuck in a feeling of overwhelm and despair. We don’t know what to do. We don’t feel we can offer anything that will matter.

The animals have a different point of view.

The animals have told me they want humans to get the message that we are all in this together. That we are the same and that we depend on each other thriving, not just existing. We are energetically connected to each other and all living things in a vast web of life. Forget the pyramid idea with humans at the top and animals beneath us. This could not be further from the truth.

The animals don’t want our sadness for them or pity or fear – not at all. They can’t do anything with those feelings and that energy. What do they want?


To thrive. Same as us. To live free and to have the opportunity to thrive. They ask us to see our inter-connection. They ask us to soften our way in this world, to be gentle with the earth and with each other. They ask us to see, to get it.

We can take actions in the physical world to help them like buying products that are sustainable and responsible while boycotting those that are not; actions like contacting politicians and marching in rallies to call for changes in regulations and so on.

We can also take action on an energy level.

How can we do this?

We have the ability to make an actual difference this way. You may not feel it immediately but please trust me on this one – it matters and it creates an energetic shift that will have a ripple effect. THE ANIMALS WILL FEEL YOU!

This is an intention practice and can take as little as 3-5 minutes. Totally manageable. You don’t have to be any kind of advanced meditator or super shaman. No worries ok?

1. Find 5 or so quiet minutes.

2. Take a few deep breaths. Make some noise on the exhale if you want, go big, have fun ;)

3. Connect your feet with the ground or floor. Feel the ground through the soles of your feet. Keep breathing.

me with big tree, photo credit Laura Brunet

me with big tree, photo credit Laura Brunet

4. Imagine warm glowing light flowing between you and the ground. Back and forth in a continuous flow.

5. Then make that bigger, take the light and imagine it between you and the planet. It’s you and Mother Earth. Connect. Expand your awareness to her.

6. Take a moment to breathe into this expanded awareness. Feet. Ground. Mother Earth.

7. Softly hold the grounding in your awareness, while bringing your attention to your heart. Think of something (someones) you have deep unconditional love for. HOW DOES IT FEEL? Focus on the feeling, not the people. Allow the feeling to fill you up with yumminess – see/feel warm fuzzy strong beautiful light fill your entire body. Feel it and then radiate it out out in all directions. (This part is fun!)

8. Bring that feeling of love to the land and all her creatures.

9. Visualize this however you want – come up with your own way this looks and feels but stay focused on the FEELING of that wonderful joyful knows-no-bounds love.

10. Beam it out to the land and to every creature everywhere. You can add sound effects in your head if you want – play with it, stay with it. Heart > Out.

Then slowly dial it down and come back to you, in the room or place where you are.

That’s it. You did great.

A few things to keep in mind –

heart on beach.jpg

When you radiate love, focus on kind, compassionate, beautiful love – not pity or poor you or sorry things are a mess or any of that nonsense. They don’t want that and it won’t help. ‘See’ the animals and land in thriving glory, at their best.

When you ground yourself and connect with the earth don’t worry about whether you’re worthy or capable or ‘can I do this ‘right’, etc. Toss all those ideas right out with the bathwater. ASSUME you are fabulous. For these 5 minutes, suspend any disbelief and go with it. You feel love in your heart? You're good to go.

Don’t get caught up in getting the process right or being all serious and in your head about this. Have fun, create your own version. Play with sending love out. Expand from your HEART.  It feels great!

You can beam to one species if you want – say you read an article about suffering polar bears for example – take the “omg poor polar bears” thoughts and get rid of them – put them aside and feel all your yummy love – send it to them. It could go something like this -

“Polar bears here’s a beam of love and light for you. I see you and you are AWESOME!! OMG you’re freaking amazing, I love you so much I’m wrapping you up in love and light, love and light, love and light… (Bundle them up snuggly in light) Doesn’t this feel amaaaazinggggg! All the love, all the love my friends”…. and then you can just say - have have a great day. (You don't need to actually say anything, you can just feel this. Lead with your heart.)

Beam the Love, Baby! The animals and Mother Earth say thank you. What a beautiful gift for all of us.

(Photo credit for thumbnail: Ancient Forest Alliance, TJ Watt)

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Meeting Suki, Matriarch Elephant

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