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Speaking Truth To Power

Speaking Truth To Power

This is a post from my Facebook this week. I’ve never been able to pretend that everything is ok when it’s not. I love and feel deeply; I’m highly sensitive to the energies around me. So this is a bit of a rant from my heart and frustrations.

At the end of this blog I’ll talk about what I received from Spirit about this, so if you read this on Facebook, skip ahead to read Spirit’s answer to my questions.

For context, events this included Kavanaugh US senate hearing, orcas dying, children taken away from their parents, and women reporting sexual assault and being attacked for reporting it.

“I'm grateful for the wisdom from Spirit that reassures me, but my human heart is pained. As humans we have so much to learn and this requires us to let go of what we think we know and to open our hearts and minds.

I'm transparent about what I believe and what Sparkles & Dirt is about. I hope you will meet me in this space of love and understanding.

We're witnessing the "great dumbing down" of our culture and society.

Current world events are calling us to show up with more love and light. I struggle and I'm deeply pained to see the way our culture treats people, animals and our one and only planet.

All week I've been asking - how do we change this? I realized so many of us already are. I'm inspired by those who are working to make a difference. The Christine Blasey Ford’s of our world, the Glennon Doyle’s of our world, the truth tellers who stand and speak truth no matter the consequence.

Let's make damn sure we’re actively working to bring more love and light, understanding, and accountability into our world.

- when a woman comes forward to say she was sexually assaulted and she does this knowing she has everything to lose and she and her family will endure death threats, need to go into hiding with armed guards, have all of her emails and contacts hacked, and on and on, WE BELIEVE HER.

- when a magazine says people over 50 should "never" do basic exercises this is negligent and irresponsible and will lead to people fearing exercise which will lead to poor health, more depression, more anxiety, and will feed the medical system.

photo credit Nick Fewings

photo credit Nick Fewings

- when a man is interviewed for one of the highest jobs in a country, a job that demands supreme judgement, an open mind and a calm, understanding demeanour, and he WHINES incoherently about liking beer, is defensive, emotionally unstable, and he's being accused by 3 women of sexual assault -> the man doesn't get the job, period. end of story.

- when human actions are causing the destruction of entire caribou populations, we don't blame the wolves! (and then kill the wolves) in the same light when the orcas are dying because of human activity we don't blame, and suggest killing, sea lions. Let's be accountable for our messes and call it.

- when men kneel in protest, it's not about the anthem or the flag, just like Rosa wasn't protesting the bus. They’re making a point about injustice and our response must be to look at the situation with an open mind and to ask "what's required here?" Coming together. A flag doesn't mean a damn thing if it stands for racism and injustice, and we need to call that.

- when a mayor removes a statue of a man who was responsible for taking children away from their parents and who condoned the abuse of these children, we say "Ok yes, let's do that and let's come together and talk about this.” What's required of us? Some say he was a great man, ok, he also did horrible things that we can’t ignore, so let's figure it out instead of fighting about it.

We don't need more cell phones, more TVs, or new and improved gadgets. We need to practice accountability, love and compassion. We need to stop pounding our chests about being right and start opening our hearts because we are all sitting in the same boat.”

That was my post. What follows is some of the insight I received from Spirit.

photo credit val vessa

photo credit val vessa

I turn to Spirit with these troubles, asking for guidance. I unplug from all of the noise to get still and to listen. Shamans call it a ‘journey',’ others call it meditation or prayer. It doesn’t matter what you call it, it’s a practice of stillness and of deep receiving.

I asked Spirit - Why so much darkness? Why the hate? What’s the point?

This IS the point, this is your curriculum. You’re being asked to learn, like your letters (university degree). You are asked to unfold yourself to meet your truth and the truth of what is.

You’re asked to see the darkness so you can draw on your light.

Your curriculum calls on you to know that love is what matters. The rest is distraction.

Make no mistake, this is higher learning and a difficult lesson for humans.

You are mislead to believe that someone will save you. Not someone. You will save you.

The sacred in you will reach out to the sacred in others, will recognize it and meet it, creating a higher, greater good. This is how it’s done. Learn this.

Humans seek to place conditions and rules on love. They seek to be right. This obscures the truth; these efforts to be right distract from what is. The animals and the trees know what is. Listen to them.

Your curriculum gives you assignments and asks you - what will you learn now? What do you see?How will you act now? … Not what do you see around you, but what do you see within you? What are you learning about the truth of you? How can you bring the truth of you forward into the world?

See. Learn. Unfold more and more and more, keep doing this. See learn grow. And ask for help, we are here for you.

Without darkness we do not see light.

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