Outside the box

Living wide awake, loving fiercely


Showing up for life

  • 30+ years teaching, leading, coaching people in wellness, health, strength, communications, martial arts, & inspired living

  • 40+ years in competitive sports: swimming, triathlon, running, kettlebell sport

  • Bachelor of Arts, Communications

  • Master's in Business Administration

  • Certified Natural Trainer with John Hinds, USA

  • Reiki Master, animal reiki specialist

  • Black Belt in Kyokushin karate

  • Entrepreneur

  • Former gym owner

  • Strength & conditioning coach, specialist in functional strength for women

  • Former ambassador for Lululemon, former sponsor by The North Face

  • Mother of 3 (now 18, 22, 24 yrs)

  • Member of Zoo Animal Ambassadors group, bringing reiki and shamanic healing practices to zoo animals in the US and Canada

  • Founder of the "We = Love Project", bringing people together and celebrating the light and love in all living beings no matter what.